Testimony of Pitso Mosololi


October 16, 2005


Brother Martin,

Before I wrote a letter to you for the first time, an inmate here who had handed me over your address, told me about how your written or printed prayers healed one inmate from an anus related sickness. He told me that he believed you so much and that you are the first real christian he has ever met in his life. To me then it was just a story, yet something in me asked me to accept his offer of your address. When I stretched my hand to take this address, he said to me, don't forget me if God bless you through this man and whatever Martin asks you.


Michael's state of health was a total mess due to this very unknown sickness and all the doctors need is money to start something I cannot actually depend on. At last I felt that the only thing I can do for him is to help in sourcing the money. Then I came to your office with his problem expecting ever financial assistance from you but what you gave me became what I never knew or rather believe that it is what my good friend needed most.


God knows how to handle his people. This is because Michael's comment when I told him that you sent a healing booklet instead of money wasn't quite encouraging. Three days later after another letter of financial disappointment arrived, he asked for the booklet. After reading the book he quoted and recited (Ph 2:10,11) and started telling us about (Act 3:6,7) which he ended by appealing to us to read John 14: 12:4 together, after this he read (Acts 4 v 30) himself, prayed and finally handed his bags of medication to the waste basket. Martin, today the Lord Our God had healed his Sons, our pastor and child of God who the master of lies, Satan wanted to destroy by affliction. Michael is sending you a letter and even the church is now stronger as true unbelievers have stepped in because of this miracle. When Michael stood up in the church he gave his testimony. Last Sunday, the church was filled with echoes of Praise the Lord.


In the absence of nothing else to tell you now, I am leaving you, your loved ones and ministry under the shadows, blessings and protections of God. I am praying and hoping to hear from you soon.


Your Brother in Christ,


Pitso Mosololi.