Testimony: Adrian and Adèle

Adrian’s Testimony


My name is Adrian. It is a privilege for me to be able to share with you from my prison cell what the Lord has done in my life. It is Jesus I want to honour and glorify above all else as He took a broken man and breathed new life into a lost soul.

Well, to start with I lived a life of drink, drugs and always wanting to prove I was the hard man, though I have come to see that there are no hard men or women, only scared and frightened people trying to make out they are something they are not. It was through living my life this way that I went down a wrong path that now has me in prison serving a life sentence with a seventeen-year tariff. I entered prison in August 2000.


When I came to prison, yes I had the love and support of my close family and other members of my community, though I still felt very empty inside because of what I had done. For the first few years I tried to live as good a life as I could – no drugs, no nothing, but sadly I fell flat on my face and in the middle of it all I tried to end my life. At the end of 2004, on the evening of Christmas Day, I was off my rocker on E’s (ecstasy).


Then the Lord convicted me. It was like Saul on the road to Damascus. I fell down behind the door of the cell and cried out to the Lord to please forgive me. I went from being 'high' and off my rocker to completely sober within minutes. I committed my life and all that I am to Jesus that night and have never looked back. Jesus through his Holy Spirit started to reveal Himself to me through his Word and made known to me why I did what I did. It was the sin that was in me, and I had been serving the world. But I’m very happy to say to all who would read this, that now I serve the one and only Master, my Lord Jesus Christ, the true Saviour. In His infinite love, mercy and grace, the Lord God Almighty sent His one and only Son to die for each and every one of us. See John 3 v.16.


When you become a Christian all the problems that are part of life don’t just go away. They are still there, though once you are in Christ you become a new creation and Jesus gives each of us individually his Holy Spirit to comfort us in times of trouble. Since I gave my life to Jesus He has faithfully brought me through many hard situations. Through my life inside prison I have met many people, and have been able to help and encourage them. It is because of what Jesus has done for me by showing me His loving grace that I can now show this to others.


At the start of 2009 I completed a H.E Cert. in Biblical Studies and Theology and it was around this time that I had the great pleasure of being in church one Sunday to hear the Testimony of Adèle Best whom Jesus also transformed.


While I sat listening to Adèle’s testimony I heard the Lord say to me three times in my head, “This is your future wife.” Adèle’s testimony was very like my own – this lady was the female version of me. I wanted to chat with Adèle, though never got the chance, but as Adèle told her story we both kept looking at each other throughout. On leaving the church I said a quick prayer: “Lord Jesus, if it’s Your will I pray that you bring Adèle back into my life again when the time is right. Unknown to me at the time, Adèle also wanted to speak to me.


A fellow brother in our Lord, Martin Tuson, with whom I have been friends now for over eleven years, also knew Adèle, as she has helped him in his prison ministry. I would often ask Martin about Adèle and how she was doing. In August 2011 I invited Martin up to see me on a prison visit and told him it would be fine if he would like to bring someone with him.


Martin asked Adèle if she would like to come up with him to visit me. However, unknown to her, the man she was going to visit was the same one that she wanted to talk to the day she had been in the prison two years earlier.


We met in the visit room and had a very blessed visit, the three of us. On leaving I said to Adèle that I hoped I would see her again sometime soon, to which she replied she would like to visit me. On my way back to my cell I thanked Jesus for answering my prayer in bringing Adèle and me back together again so that we could talk.


On the visit we had prayed together and the Lord spoke to Adèle. She then visited me again a few weeks later and told me what the Lord had revealed to her. Adèle and I had many more visits together when we would pray together and share with one another. Our friendship grew into love for one another, but though I was falling in love with Adèle I had to wait and hold my feelings in, because I knew how people would react to our situation.


Adèle told me one evening how she felt – how at the start when she visited me she loved me as a brother in Christ and loved me in the Spirit, though now she loved me on the human level. I also told her how I felt and that I too loved her. So our relationship developed, and it has not been easy for either of us, but because we love each other so much we continue. We are now engaged and hope to get married in 2015.


Jesus has been our strength and continues to help and guide us, as both of us just want to serve Him to the very best of our ability. At the moment we have many roads to walk separately and we will certainly have many to walk together. We trust and believe that through the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ we can make it through all of life’s ups and downs. We trust in the Living God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our Rock to stand on forever. We pray that you too would come to know Jesus. He can do for you what he has already done for myself and Adèle. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who may read this and we pray that you would also repent, confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour today.


Here are some scriptures: God’s love for you: Romans 5 v.8. God's Remedy for you: Romans 6 v.23. This is what you must do to be saved: 1 John 1 v.9 and Romans 10 v.9. So I ask all who read this to make sure your own salvation is secure in Jesus Christ and repent now.



Adèle’s Testimony


My name is Adèle. Like Adrian, until my thirties, I lived a life in the ways of the world, partying, drinking, drug taking and travelling the world.


I was brought up in a middle class home. My parents sent me to Sunday school, but did not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus themselves. I had an encounter with Jesus when I was reading the Bible in my bedroom when I was 11, but even though I knew Jesus was the only way to God, and the Truth and the Life I didn’t make a firm commitment to him.


In my teenage years, despite doing well at school, I got involved with the occult. This set me off into dark paths, into the world, drinking, drugs, parties, sex. Throughout my twenties this continued when I travelled and lived and worked abroad. I had my first abortion when I was 25 and naively thought I’d simply carry on with my life. I didn’t realise the devastation this was to unleash in my life. I can vividly remember an occasion when I was 29 high on a cocktail of coke and mushrooms in Thailand. I had lost all my friends and I was literally lost on the beach with thousands of party goers. I sensed a presence or light to my right hand side and it said this: “You are on the wrong path, but there is another way, a way that is truth and life.” I knew this was Jesus was talking to me and that it was true, but I dismissed it as a drug-induced hallucination. In fact all throughout my twenties when I took drugs these occurrences would happen to me and I would always brush them off as ‘just the drugs’.

It wasn’t until my second abortion at the age of 30 that my life really began to seriously unravel. This was another unplanned pregnancy to a Turkish man and he exerted considerable pressure and coerced me into another abortion. As I adored him and had made him an idol I complied, but felt so angry and empty in my soul. Afterwards I started to smoke crack cocaine to numb the pain and would drink until I blacked out. Every weekend I got into fights. I became suicidal and again started getting deep into the occult with a witch who had come to Istanbul to live with me. I was walking in the darkness and it wanted to kill me.


Fast forward to age 33 and my third unplanned pregnancy, this time in New York. I realised my life was an absolute mess as I hadn’t been living the way the Lord tells us to in His Holy Word, which, by the way, isn’t a rule book to stop our ‘fun’ but the guide-book to living right and being blessed. I repented of all my fornications, sex outside of marriage, drugs, drink, every evil thing I had done. I got down on my knees in my tiny flat in New York and asked the Lord to help me get back to wherever I should be, to live life as He tells us to, the right way. I handed over the reins to him. I was tired of living my way, as my way was a mess. I literally felt lighter overnight and immediately the Lord sent many angels to minister to me in the form of other Christians.


I’m happy to say that I kept that unborn child, but that is another story, and the Lord has since led me into an abortion recovery ministry.


But back to prison ministry! So how did I get involved in it? Well, six months after I got saved and came home from New York and my beautiful daughter was born, I started to pray about how or where the Lord wanted me to serve Him. I expected He would say the church worship team as I was very much into music at the time.

One sunny morning soon after this I was stunned when I was making my bed to hear in my head, “What about all those in prison? Who is going to tell them how much I love them and how much my Son died also for them?” I was dumbfounded, as I didn’t even know prison ministries existed! After a series of events I was led to Martin Tuson’s ministry. He lived round the corner from me, went to my church and had been praying for someone to help him!


So I started to help with the letter-writing and mailing of toiletries. At the same time in 2009 I started to pray for a godly husband, but I heard in my head But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6 v.33. I reckoned the Lord was telling me, “not yet,” so I carried on praying and trusting the Lord and serving where He had placed me. I did pray, though, that if the Lord had picked someone for me that I would know without a shadow of a doubt that this was the man – that was, if He had indeed someone for me, because I also wondered if I was meant to be single for the rest of my life, and I was aware that sometimes the Lord says no to our prayers, so I prayed if it was His will.


Martin asked me to share my testimony in 2009 in Maghaberry prison and I did notice Adrian at that event. I felt like my eyes were being drawn to him as I spoke, but we didn’t get a chance to talk afterwards. To be honest I really forgot about him then as the year progressed in the busyness of life. I did meet a few other Christian men who seemed to want to get to know me but I always prayed before I met them, “Lord show me their heart” and the Lord always did and I always knew immediately they were not part of His plan for me.


In Spring 2011 I was with Martin and some other brothers at a prison ministry outreach sharing my testimony again. This time two older ladies came up to me separately afterwards saying the same thing – which was “When you were sharing your testimony the Lord told me to pray for you for a Christian husband” So they both did pray for me separately. I was shocked, as by this stage I had given up finding a husband and had surrendered that desire totally to the Lord. As no-one had turned up I thought His will for me was to be alone. The following weeks I wondered, “...hmmm who is this future husband then, where is he?”


As Adrian said in August 2011, Martin asked me to go to the prison with him to visit a Christian brother. I expected it to be an older man. I was quite surprised to see Adrian and recognised him as the guy I had noticed a few years before when I was in the church sharing my testimony. I listened to him share his testimony on the visit but didn’t catch all of it and didn’t catch why he ended up in prison. At the end of the visit all three of us prayed together. I was touched by the Holy Spirit very powerfully and was filled to overflowing with a sense of love and mercy towards Adrian. When my eyes were closed I saw a great light and felt great peace and love flood my soul. This seemed to overflow from my heart towards Adrian and I saw him, I believe, through the eyes of Christ. I wanted to put my arms around him.


This left a profound effect on me for weeks as I pondered why did that happen to me when we were praying in the prison? Why is Adrian on my heart so much – someone I don’t even really know? The thought did cross my mind, that this could be the man I had prayed for – for years – to be my husband. But a man in prison! A life sentence prisoner! How was this the plan? It wasn’t in a million years the way I’d have planned to meet my future husband!


I found myself in a highly unconventional situation and really needed the Lord's direction. I sought the Lord very hard about this developing friendship and the Lord gave me a few short words about the situation. An example is when I prayed, “Lord, would Adrian hurt me?” (Because he was in prison these fears were running through my mind as I didn’t really know him at this stage), or, “Am I walking down the wrong path here?” (because all my friends and family told me I was crazy to get involved with him, for they saw him through the eyes of the world). The Lord woke me up at 3 a.m. with the scripture, "I tell you, her sins – and they are many – have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love." Luke 7 v.47. I had a deep sense of peace that this man Adrian would love me deeply in the way Jesus loves me, purely with His love and grace. Simply because Adrian knew Jesus he would love me like Jesus with much grace.


I continued to fast and pray for months about the developing friendship, always wondering why Adrian never said anything or broached the subject. In December 2011 I couldn’t take it any more and in the middle of our conversation burst out that I loved him. I was so relieved when I heard him say he felt the same! Then he explained how he wasn’t able to share his feelings first. It all made sense to me now.

Then the spiritual battle against us and our relationship began, as the world cannot understand why I want to love and marry a life sentence prisoner. We got engaged in January 2013 and the battle still rages against us, but I know Jesus will strengthen us to make it through together.


I also know that Adrian, like me, is a new creation in Christ, our sins have been washed in His precious blood, and the rest of our lives belongs to Him. He has bought us with a high price. It is by standing on these truths that we defeat the negative attacks on us. The Lord in the last two years has also delivered me from a host of demonic spirits that were still oppressing me through all the doorways I had opened by dabbling in the occult. A very dear man in deliverance ministry spend many months ministering to me and Jesus set me free from them all. As I stood on the steps of a local church before my first prayer session with him I heard clearly in my head, If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” – John 8 v.36. Amen, that became truth in my life as Jesus cast over 17 different demons from me through the prayers of this minister over a few weeks.


We believe He has a plan for the rest of our lives to serve him together to bring him Glory. We do not know where this will lead us, and trust Him to direct us after we are married.


We also want you to know the joy of having your sins forgiven, the deep peace that the world cannot give, and the blessing of walking with Jesus and knowing Him and serving him in this life. Believe me, I tried everything the world had and it didn’t deliver anything but emptiness and pain. He is asking all of us to repent and turn our lives over to Him. He is faithful; will you turn back to Him? Today is the day of salvation, for we don’t know what is coming tomorrow. Seek the Lord now while he may be found, for a day of judgement upon all the earth is coming. Seek Him while He waits for you patiently, the One who loved you enough to die on a cross to save you. Bless his Holy Name.