Changed Lives

Dougie March

Dougie March was involved with gang violence. He followed the football team Newcastle. He was an active member of one of the football gangs which would cause havoc etc. on the terraces. Dougie served 6 prison sentences for violence. He was a drinker, drug taker and total womaniser. He cried out to God for help and his life was turned around. From prison to preacher, he has travelled the world and been a witness to many wonderful miracles. Read and watch his story on his website:

Davy Falcus

Davy Falcus was a Newcastle gangster, a very violent young man who ran many of the bars in the Newcastle area. He was well known and respected in this area. Addicted to drink and drugs, he too called out to the living God and had an amazing encounter with Christ. You can read his testimony and order a copy of his book "Gangland to God". You will also be able to visit his own website and watch his video testimony. Davy has been used all over the world and has witnessed many miracles of healing.

Brother Joe Donato

Brother Joe Donato was a well-known member of the Mafia - he had the world at his feet: money, fame and power. You might think he had everything, but what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. Joe was unhappy. He was on death row for a Mafia murder. Again violence was a big part of his life. Joe also has a book called "Tell It To The Mafia". You can contact him and I am sure he would love to send you a copy of his book. He has a world wide Ministry; his website is


The following testimony is from Brother Mark Amir, from Punjab, Pakistan. I have been blessed to be involved with Mark. He contacted me last year. God is doing amazing things there through his ministry and he represents our ministry there. Just recently we were blessed to have 2000 copies of our booklet "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" translated into the Urdu language. Praise God, many are being blessed by this book, and many testimonies of healing have been received. You will read some of these on this site. I have asked Mark to write his testimony:



I am Amir Mark from Pakistan. I live in the city of Sahiwal. I was against Christianity and used to think that religion is man-created. I believed that the Bible was written by man. I was far from God. There was no place for Him in my heart and the hearts of my family.

One of my brothers works in the Pakistan air force. In 1996 he was on vacation at home helping my father plowing in the fields. Next morning he was like a paralysed man; he could not move his legs. My family tried everything, taking him to doctors and spiritual healers, but still he was paralysed. We were sad and worried. A Christian family told us about a Pastor, and that he would pray for my brother and God would heal him. The Pastor came and shared about Jesus Christ. He told us to renounce every evil practice and to accept Christ into our lives. My family confessed and repented from their sins - they gave their lives to God. The Pastor prayed for my brother, and after 2 to 3 days he was completely healed and able to go back to work. Before this my family worshipped idols and sacrificed animals, but now God has blessed the family.


I was far away from God, against water baptism and speaking in tongues. In 1997 I attended a convention in my city. As the church choir was leading worship, God worked in my life. He touched my heart and I started crying. The Holy Spirit led me. After the service I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. Since that day it is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me. God baptised me in the Holy Spirit in 1997, and in 1998 I was water baptised. Since 2001 I am serving God in my church as a volunteer worker in leading meetings and worship cell groups. I also lead the youth group.

I have committed my life fully to serving God though evangelism, the healing ministry and youth ministry. I want to see young people drawing near to God. I have a burden for them and those that are unreached.
In Christ,

If you would like to contact Mark, his e-mail address is: or