The Thief


The Thief


The hour draws nigh,

That I must surely die.

Crucified, I'll be nailed to a tree.

There I'll hang for all to see.


They take me to that place of death,

I start to sweat, and gasp for breath.

Another like me is pushed up the hill;

The soldiers laugh as they think of a kill.


We both hang in misery and shame,

Only ourselves have we got to blame.

I notice a man that I thought I knew:

His body was beaten black and blue.


I wonder what crime this man has done,

I hear someone shout, "He's God's only son."

His name is Jesus, He's the King of the Jews.

They say he came to give us good news.


The soldiers nail him to the tree.

He turns his head and looks at me:

His face is full of pity and love.

I suddenly realise: He was sent from above.


“Forgive them!” he shouts with his fading breath.

He lifts His head as he grows close to death.

“Remember me, my Lord” I shout from my heart,

“To-day you'll be with Me, and never depart.”