The world's in chaos, what's going on?

There's mass confusion, something's gone wrong.

How could this happen? What can it be?

I don't understand what's happening to me.

Family and friends I have known all my days,

They've all disappeared, so the media says.

Millions have vanished, this globe's in a mess,

I'm helpless and afraid, I must confess.

My mind goes back to only weeks ago,

When I heard something which now frightens me so.

He mentioned the rapture, and what it would mean,

He talked about Jesus, and who He had been.

Now I wish my friend was here with me now,

So that I could ask him, if there was a way how

To turn back the clock, from this very day,

To trust in Jesus and be taken away..

It happened so quickly, this just isn't right.

It came so fast, like a thief in the night.