No Time for God


No Time for God


No time for God - I'm busy to-day,

Lots to do; He would get in the way.

There's money to make, promotion to gain,

Schedules to keep - it's a bit of a pain.


No time for God, I can't fit Him in.

There's a game of golf I just have to win.

Maybe when older I'll have more time,

But not right now; I'm still in my prime.


No time for God, I'm off on a break;

Lots of money, but there's still more to make.

Went to the doctor - not feeling too well;

Not to worry; I've a house to sell.


No time for God, my health's not the best:

I've been told I need more rest.

Growing weaker as the days roll on;

They tell me that soon I'll be gone.


No time for God - I'm afraid it's too late.

I now stand before Him, to decide my fate.

A life full of self, now I am lost,

Now I will suffer as I pay the cost.