If You'd Only Believe


If you'd Only Believe


If you'd only believe what He's done for you,

If you'd only believe, if you only knew.

The Saviour's love for you and me,

That nailed him to that cruel tree.

The thief on the cross realised his love;

He knew it was sent from heaven above.

Life without Him is certain loss;

You have to look towards the cross.

Why won't you believe, you're so blind to see;

Look what He's done for me.

He saved me all those years ago,

A burden released you'll never know.

Thank you Lord for that very day;

You came and showed me the way.

I love you Lord from the bottom of my heart;

I know that we will never be apart.

So please just trust Him, that's all you need do,

I promise you this, He will look after you.

So come to Him now, before the throne,

Let Him inside, you won't be alone.