If Only ...


If Only ...


The day has arrived, he's before the throne,

The day has arrived, now he's alone.

Depart from Me now, he hears God say;

Depart from Me now, you've gone your own way.

But Lord, I've lived such a good life,

I've never got into any bad strife.

I've been a good man all of my days;

I've read my Bible, and followed its ways.

Oh you fool, your eyes they were blind,

You had your chance to change your mind.

Don't you remember that day Jesus knocked,

You turned away, your heart stayed locked.

Forgive me my Lord, I went my own way.

It's too late now, in hell you will stay.

If only I'd trusted, when I heard His call,

I've died in my sins, now I will fall.