Clarah's Testimony

This is something real that has happened to me, and I praise God alone for this miracle. My shoulder had been giving me a lot of problems. I could not lift anything heavy or even carry my shopping. I had been having this problem for more than 5 years. One day, Brother Martin, you came to our church in Larne. I listened keenly to you talking about the work that you do for the Lord.

As I was listening to you I could hear a voice telling me to take a step out for prayer. Well after the service I could not see you. You were praying for others. I had someone giving me a lift home so I could not stay. I picked up one of your DVDs which had your contact details. I took the next step of writing to you. You phoned me the very day you received my letter. You prayed over the phone for me and God's power healed me instantly. I can now do all the things I could not do before - even sleep on my side with no pain.

I thank God for this miracle. He alone deserves all of the praise, glory and honour. He is a mighty God. Be encouraged, God can do the same for you.