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I pray that this website will be a blessing to you. We will be sharing many wonderful testimonies of God's power within the prison cell and also outside of the prison cell.

My name is Martin Tuson. I became a born-again Christian on 7th November 1982. On the 30th June 2000 I had an encounter with the living God, when God called me to this ministry. Up to that point, and even as a Christian, I was someone who did not have any grace towards those in prison. But God gave me His eyes with which to see these individuals. Since that night I have been a witness to the power of God both inside and outside of the prison cell. I have witnessed many miracles of healing. I will be sharing many of these wonderful miracles on this website. Be encouraged, and God bless you.

In the book of Psalms, in Psalm 105 verses 1 and 2 the Lord says, "make My deeds known amongst the people; tell people of My wonderful acts". Many people today are unaware of God's power. As it says in Malachi Chapter 3 verse 6, "I am the Lord thy God; I never change". It is now over 13 years since the night in 2000 when I had that encounter with the living God.

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What's New

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To download Robert Knight's story (33 mins),size 15.48MB, RIGHT-click, then "SAVE LINK AS ...." To play directly, go to Audio Resources


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