Tommy Dawson's Healing Testimony


My name is Tommy Dawson. I was born in Belfast on the 26th of May 1977. I have a history of drug abuse and I suffer from severe depression. I first met Martin in October 2007 at Bangor Elim church, We started talking about the good work that Martin does in Maghaberry prison - the many miracles he had witnessed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I felt like a warm sensation all over my body from head to toe. Martin said that he had witnessed many healings and miracles by the Lord. One night in 2008 I phoned Martin and told him that I had cut my arms severley, self-harming. He said a prayer of healing over the phone. The next day when I woke up there was a layer of black dead skin on my arm and the cuts had faded. Then the following day the scars had gone. I couldn't believe it. It happened through the work of the Lord.

Very recently I phoned Martin again and told him I had trouble going to the toilet. Again he prayed for me over the phone. Two days later I was fine, again through the Lord's work. I would just like to say before I go that he is a lovely man and does brilliant work through the Lord. Many thanks.

Tommy Dawson