Testimony of William Murphy

Testimony of Healing from William Murphy (Maghaberry Prison, N Ireland)


I first saw Martin in prison, on the wings and in the yard when he was visiting inmates. I asked some of the other inmates who he was. The reply that I got was that it was Martin, also known as Jesus, as they said that he could cure people by praying for them. Many prisoners told me that he had helped them. I thought to myself, they're headers - they have just healed by themselves over time .


Through time I saw more and more of Martin and heard a few more rumours from inmates who had been healed. These people were good people. Anyway, a few months ago whilst playing football I fell and landed on my elbow, which ended up with a chipped bone. This was painful. I could not straighten my arm properly without pain. I got talking to another prisoner about the Bible. He's for, I'm against, but we had a good chat. Then I was placed in the punishment unit known as 'the Boards' for a week. Someone sent Martin over - I thought they did it for a laugh. Martin got talking about the Lord Jesus Christ and I listened but, to tell the truth, not completely as I do not believe in Christianity. It's because I have friends who say they are Christians but in my eyes are not. But I could see Martin was different. He had no need to come into this prison or even see me. He did not have a lot of time to spend with me, but before he left he asked me if I had anything wrong with my health. I lied and told him no. He said he would be over to see me later. True to his word he came into my cell one day to visit and see how I was getting on.


We chatted for a while and he asked me again if there was anything wrong with me, as he could see that I had discomfort with my arm. This time I told him what had happened while I was playing football. Then Martin came out with it; he said, "The Lord Christ Jesus can heal you." I thought to myself there was no way that would happen. because I had a chipped bone in my elbow. Martin asked if he could pray with me. I thought, "Why not? It won't do any harm." He put his hand on my shoulder, not on my elbow where the probem was. We both bowed our heads and Martin started praying. At the end we both said Amen. Martin then asked me to do something I could not do before. So I straightened my arm out and THERE WAS NO PAIN. I sat there moving my elbow in all different directions, just to try and find a sore spot, but to my amazement I could not find any position where it was sore. This was over a month ago and there's still not a sign of any pain.