Rebecca is Healed

By Email, Dec 2005

Rebecca, Indiana, U.S. 


 I thank you my Brother. My daughter Rebecca has improved for the first time in years! Her health had deteriorated to the point she looked like a skeleton.

 O thanks to our wonderful Saviour and your love. My daughter has had an appetite and eating for the past 3 days. She was losing her food after eating and experiencing stomach cramps. Also she has had pain in her wrists to the point of loss of use of her hands, but not so any more, Martin.

 For 3 days she has been eating, she has no pain in her stomach, no pain in her wrists, no nausea, and she has taken no medication. She said she is having headaches but I expect that to go also. She is repeating your prayer every day and daring to believe. I don't know what to say, except thank you. She's my little 34 year old and will always be my little girl. I would give my life for hers. God says I don't have to. He says she will live. Thank you for giving me hope, my friend. Thank you for giving my daughter hope. I am crying now but they are tears of joy. Thank you with all of my heart for praying for Rebecca.