Muslim Leader Healed

My Brother, this is a great testimony to God's power. There was a Muslim leader who came to one of my meetings. He was unable to sit for 2 hours without medicine. He was asking me many questions. I told him, "I cannot answer all your questions but if you open your heart to Christ, He will."  I preached for about 15 minutes and God's Holy Spirit touched him. 

After the sermon he said to me, "If your Jesus is real, I want Him to heal me. I have been to many gods and no one has helped me - I am still sick. I want your Jesus to heal me today."  I told him that Jesus was real and that if he believed He would heal him.  When I started to pray for him, I held his hand and rebuked the devil and sickness in Jesus' name. Praise God for healing prayer. Healing prayer touched him and next morning he went to the hospital for tests. The doctor told him, "You are no longer sick." 

My Brother, this Muslim Leader has now accepted Christ. Thank you Jesus.