Muslim Boy Delivered from Severe Bleeding

Muhammad Yasin's Testimony


My name is Muhammad Yasin and I was born in a Muslim family. I knew about Christianity but I thought that it was one of those earthly religions. For some time I have had this problem of severe bleeding especially after taking maybe a long walk or doing various violent exercise.

This problem has been with me since my primary school days (1990s). I visited a lot of medical experts but I could not be delivered. The disease just kept on coming back.

About three months ago, I had a severe attack and I thought I was going to die due to severe bleeding, until some Christian believers were invited to come and pray for me. They prayed what they called an anointed healing prayer, and when they finished, one of them asked if I could jump and run around, which I did without experiencing any bleeding. Previously, this could have resulted in severe loss of blood, so I was shocked to see that no blood was coming out.

I was healed and have never bled since that day. Because of this, I have since abandoned my childhood religion to take up the cross of Christ to the amazement of my parents and close relatives and friends!