Miracles In Thailand

Brother Martin, I have this powerful testimony through the Healing Prayer. I conducted meetings from the 5th-12th of August. Around 100 people accepted Christ. God touched many of them with His healing power, their sickness and diseases healed. Here are some testimonies. 

One girl about 20 years of age, she was from Australia and she had a skin problem. I took her hand and prayed the healing prayer over her. God healed her instantly, her skin is healed. There was another lady from Israel who had a stomach sickness, suffering for a long time. She too was healed instantly. A Buddhist woman who had cancer, she came to one of the meetings. She accepted Jesus Christ. During the healing prayer she too was healed. She later shared her testimony.

There was a young man who was not able to stand, pain in his body. He wanted to know God's healing power in his life. He was healed instantly, praise God. Many people were healed, my Brother. There was a woman who was the Pastor of a church; she had a backbone problem. She had this for a very long time. She came to the meetings and during healing prayer time God touched her and she was healed suddenly; she was frightened to share her testimony.

The next day she came to the meeting and shared her testimony of God's healing power. My Brother, there is great power and anointing in this healing prayer. To God be all the glory.