Mary's Testimony

Martin, I wanted to send my testimony of God's love for me. In November 2007, after taking blood tests twice, the doctor said I needed to see a Urologist. I had blood in my urine and my white blood cell count was high. He suspected cancer in my bladder and kidneys. I have to admit that I was scared, but I knew who my healer was. 

Jesus is my healer, my everything. I put my trust in Him and prayed my way through the next couple of months. I had another appointment with my urologist. Just before this I received a phone call from my Brother in Christ Martin from N.Ireland. Martin prayed for me over the phone. I noticed later that day that the side effects I had from my bladder were gone. 

I felt really well and knew that Jesus had healed me without a doubt. I continued to praise Him up to the day of my tests. They put the dye into my bladder and kidneys etc. As the doctor watched the dye run through me he looked at me and said, "Mary, your kidneys and bladder are fine, no growths, no cancer. You need to go home and celebrate." He was surprised at the result.

 Never give up hope or faith. There is nothing too big or too small for Jesus. God Bless,