The Lord is the Great Physician

20th September 2005


Brother Martin, when the telephone rang in the middle of the night, I answered to hear the anxious voice of my father saying that my mother had fainted and fallen. I am a doctor, but because I was 200 miles away, I at first felt helpless. Then, knowing that mother is a diabetic, I tried to help by giving instructions over the phone (I mean saying the healing prayer) and then, though I asked my dad not to panic, I myself was apprehensive about how she would respond to the medication.

All I could do was to kneel and pray, asking God for help. It seemed a long time before my father called back to tell me that she was better.

At that time, I felt a total commitment to God and an awareness of my own limits. I understand that the power of healing prayer had brought my family much needed help. Prayer had worked as medicine to soothe both body and mind. Prayer is communication that connects us with our Creator and with our loved ones. Prayer needs only a humble heart to seek and pray for others' needs as well as our own.

Dr Charlie Daka
Central Africa.