The Lord is Good

Once more I can wonderfully greet you in the Mighty Name of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, One and Only One Creator. Once more it is a blessing to receive your powerful letter. I am so sorry I am late just now writing back to you. 

Martin, at this time of year I am not of myself, when I should be where my family is, but I have to continue to give my Jesus thanks and praise for sparing my life and making the time go so fast for us.. 

When I look I see we have just eleven days left in this month before 2004 begins. And I know that next year is going faster than this year. The Lord is near so we have to look up and make sure we are ready and waiting until He comes. 

Martin, thank you very much for your prayer. All these pains that I was feeling in my tummy and around to my back are gone, thank God. God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. I leave everything in the hand of the good Lord and I know He will work out things for us. Yes that is true - our Lord Jesus will meet all our needs because He promised He will never let his children suffer. So when we need we ask and we will never be ashamed. He is never gonna let us down. 

Martin I am praying to the Good Lord and I know God will answer prayer and God will give me the power to forgive them. Amen. Yes I have been used by Jesus and I will always be used by our precious Saviour. I am looking forward to tell the people more about God and to pray and heal them from their sickness. Martin I want to do God's work. I want to live and do what to do to please God. I know that there are many more wonderful and powerful works to be done by the Lord Jesus. God Bless you and I wish you the best for this Christmas and a blessed New Year. 

PS - When I turn back to the Lord when I look back on last year when I was in prison and I go through bad times the Lord brought me through, He has been so good to me. I promise the Lord that I will never look back where he has brought me from.


Martin please take care of yourself. I am always praying for you my brother. Keep it up.

Your Sister in Christ,