Jing Chai's Healing Testimony

My Brother, I received your letter and booklets on the 24th Feb 2010.
Thank you for sharing the powerful healing verses from God's word.
I have a wonderful testimony for you my Brother. I want to share this testimony with
all your readers. It came from your miracle healing booklet "Nothing Is Impossible,
Testimonies of God's Healing Power".

The last few years I have been suffering from stomach problems and also a
mental health problem. I attended the hospital many times, but sadly there was no help
for me - things stayed the same. As you know, life here in a Thailand prison is very hard.
My last trip to the doctor I told him I could not live like this. I asked him if he
could inject me with anesthetic, because I did not want to live.

When I arrived back from the hospital to the prison, I fell on my knees and prayed and
prayed. It was then that I fell asleep. I had a dream, and in the dream God called my name
- Jing Chai. He spoke to me and said, "I am the Lord who created you. I do not want you to
die yet. I am going to heal you through my servant Martin."

My Brother, I read your booklet and prayer after this dream and was completely healed
by God's power. My health has recovered fully. I am sharing this miracle with my fellow
inmates. I believe, my Brother, that I am now going to be a witness to more miracles.
God bless you.