It Happened To Me

For many years I have fought and flirted with God and verbally attacked those who
proclaim any sort of faith. My reasons for these verbal attacks I'm still working on.
I just wanted to test any believer, challenge them in their belief.

My day to day life is pretty much what I make it. On any given day I would be one to
exercise and keep fit. I've never known an injury that has affected me to the point of
bed rest. So you can imagine how concerned I was when I damaged my back in work.
My job entails manual labour, so lifting is a general everyday task. On this day I
picked up some light objects to place elsewhere. It had been raining and the paving slabs
I was walking on were wet. One is tilted as a ramp. On walking across it my left leg shot
out from under me. Though I didn't go down, I felt a piercing pain shot through the
bottom of my spine. This was like no pain I had ever felt before. I went directly to the
doctor, where I couldn't even cross my legs during the examination. The doctor's opinion
was that I had nipped the nerve on the disc of my lower spine. He advised me to do
nothing but bed rest. The pain that I was in, there was no other issue on my mind
but that, and that messed me up big time. I'm just not used to lying about the place
doing nothing. I lay on my bed, and believe me I was in agony. Turning over or an
attempt to get up for any reason was intense pain. This was serious and it felt like it
wasn't going away any time soon.

Later in the afternoon, Martin Tuson came to see me. He'd heard that I had damaged
my back. I guess it was easy to tell going by the shape I was in! He asked if he could
pray for my back. I told him to BASH AWAY but to be honest, it was with my usual snide
way and cynical approach I said this. I'd heard of people being healed and people
laying on hands etc, and viewed it like I did with the rest of my opinion of religion
- "a load of rubbish". I've always been too busy challenging people on their faith and
belief to believe.

Anyway, this guy just sits on the end of my bed and asks God to heal my back - just
that simple. Now this is the hard part for me: I SAT UP, AND STOOD UP. I tell you,
I just got up and stretched over and touched my toes to test what he had just said
and I did so with ease. Apart from a little stiffness, all was well with my back.
I couldn't believe this, but believe me I was forced into believing.
I had no other option but to believe what had just happened.
To deny it would have been trying to deny that I had ever hurt my back in the first
place, and believe me I was in agony. I try telling people what happened, and they
look at me in shock giving my usual approach to matters like this.
It's the hardest thing to do, yet I am in an area for the first time in my life that
I have to believe because it happened to me. It really did. Convincing others is the
hardest thing to do, but it really did happen. I would be lying if I said otherwise.
Now I'm the one challenged into faith and though I'm not really too sure on what to do
next, I can't ignore what happened to me.