Healed from Afar

Christine Mumba's Testimony

Hi Brother Martin,

My name is Christine Mumba, a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God church in Lusaka, Zambia. My mother was very sick from a severe attack of fever and headache and abdominal pains. She telephoned me and I was shocked to hear her telling me that this was probably the last conversation I would have with her. I could hear from her tone that something was terribly wrong. She explained with difficulty her illness, and before she finished I remembered an anointed healing prayer given to me by brother Kebby at one of the Catholic Charismatic prayer meetings we had. 

I then immediately sent my maid to collect it as I could do nothing but pray for her due to the miles of land separating us. When the prayer was brought I asked my mum at the other end of he line to close her eyes as I prayed. Before I finished I could hear her sneezing so violently, and when I finished she told me she suddenly felt better and all pain was gone. I told her to rest, and when I telephoned the following day to find out, I was informed she had been healed. I praise God for this miracle.