Eyesight Restored!

I have been in prison for the past 8 years. In 2008 I developed a problem with my eyes. I became short-sighted, and I couldn't see properly more than 30 meters away. This problem became worse in 2009 and I tried all the medicine from the hospital but I couldn't get well. Instead the problem grew worse.

One night I heard a small voice inside my head saying, "Call Belden Mpongo. He has a solution for your problem." Very early the following day I called Belden and told him that now he could pray for me, for I had been refusing to be prayed for for quite some time. He asked whether I was serious about this and I told him yes, and I told him I did believe in Jesus. He gave me a photocopied prayer on a piece of paper and told me to be praying that prayer, reading it three times daily. I followed the instructions and after one week (7 days) my sight was restored (25/04/2010). Praise God.

He told me the prayer was anointed from you Martin, his friend. Your prayer has helped many people here. I was not believing it, but now I have experienced it upon myself.

Bernard Chanda.