Edwin's Testimony

For two months in prison from the day of my admission 02/01/2010 up to 04/03/2010, I couldn't go to the toilet to answer the call of nature. I went to the clinic and was referred to the hospital and was given medicine which could not give me any help. There was no change.


One day, in the afternoon, I was in the cell when a person I came to know as Belden Mpongo came in and started praying for the patients. After he prayed for them I called him and told him my problem. He asked me whether I was willing to pray together with him. I said yes, for I thought within myself that this could be my last hope of getting healed. I trusted in the Lord for the first time in my life. Belden asked me to pray after him as he prayed the prayer which was printed on a paper and as we prayed I felt something moving in my stomach. Immediately after prayers I went to the toilet where I answered the call of nature. For about one hour I was just in the toilet - the Lord opened my stomach. 

Now I don't have any problem. I go to the toilet once every day. I have even given my life to Jesus Christ.


Edwin Tembo.